Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine

VLF Vacuum Lube Oil Filtration Machine includes a motor-driven special gear pump, with low noise, self-absorption ability, smooth operation and so on.

High-pressure pipeline of Lubricant Oil Purifier with overflow protection device can effectively protect the safety of the hydraulic system. The use of thermal relay protection prevents motor damage caused by motor overload. The coarse filter protects the pump and extends the life of the main filter.

VLF Lube Oil Purifier

VLF Lube Oil Filtration Machine inlet and outlet port hose connected to the inlet and outlet joints, when oil from the filter into the port was inhaled through the filter to exclude the larger particles after the magazine, into the gear pump. The gear pump is driven by the rotation of the motor to produce a squeeze force, so that oil into the filter bed, penetrate the filter paper will filter the oil magazines. The oil is then removed from the tubing when the oil pressure exceeds the specified value.

Safety valve immediately start, so that the oil in the oil pump in their own cycle, the oil is no longer rising to ensure the safety of the equipment, oil valve for oil pressure and other physical and chemical properties of the experiment.

Lubricant Oil Purifier with chassis roller structure can be pulled by pulling the lever. The main components used by the United States imported Cimtek Simtek filter, filter with polyester fiber material, while the choice of absorbent type filter.

Using high-precision filter, filtered oil can reach the national standard NAS1638 standard level 7, from the appearance of oil significantly from the dirty to clear. My company for large and small machine processing enterprises to develop economic-type oil filter can effectively filter the impurities in the oil, clean oil.

The Lube Oil Filtration machine use different filter elements according to the different requirements, choose a different precision to achieve the desired results. The covers of filter tanks with quick opening structure, without any tools will be able to quickly and quickly open the cover, replace the filter. The panel is equipped with a pressure gauge for a continuous indication of the operation of the system.

Lubricant Oil Purifier is composed of gear wheel pump, filter, safety valve, return valve, filter bed, rear bracket, chassis, rod, coupling, and motor components.

The gear pump, coupling and motor of VLF Lube Oil Filtration machine are mounted on the chassis, filter device installed in the front side of the gear pump. The filter is equipped with an oil return valve, and the filter bed is installed above the gear pump, wherein the filter plate is arranged alternately in the filter chamber.


Series DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

DVTP Series Double-stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can quickly eliminate water, know water, fuel, particles along with acetylene, hydrogen, methane along with other harmful components from essential oil effectively to enhance oil’s dielectric strength, efficiently making sure electrical equipments operating safely and usually. Series DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is particularly ideal for treating high-grade transformer necessary oil, super-voltage transformer oil as well as new transformer oil. It may be used for purification of more than 110V substation reside line function onsite. At the same time, series DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration Machine can be used because independent vacuum cleaner source along with functions associated with vacuum drying out and machine oiling.

4000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine


1.Perfect for insulating olive oil clean up and also transfer

2. For big power transmitting equipments over 110KV

3.Eight versions available to support various circulation rates

4.Continuously eliminates free drinking water down to five ppm or even less

5.Fluid sanitation grade (NAS) to 6 or perhaps better • Powerful Vacuum cleaner design

6.Dual h2o and particulate removal

7.Coalescence-separation technologies

8.De dos niveles 3D evaporation technology

9. Double-infrared liquid level control

10. The trinity regarding interlocked precautionary device

11. Carbon fiber infrared heating system

12.Automatic back-flushing system.

13. Unique They would. P. Mirielle high compound absorption materials

14.Cellular equipment with regard to outdoor use

15. Explosion-proof kind available

16. Live-line cleaner oiling along with dehydrating achievable


Based on the transformer acrylic change it is extremely economic Utilized transformer crude oil can be raised to the equal point of recent oil Transformer within the dampness, sludge, stomach acids and dangerous gases in order to destroy and also the insulation beliefs will be greater than old. Transformer oil much more extended. Due to the event waste oil based and removal costs might have been absolutely no. Waste petroleum has been obstructed and avoided its unfavorable given for your environment.

Evaluating with the single-stage type, this particular series retreats into the double-stages vacuum program, which greatly raises the actual machine’s functioning vacuum level, so it may dewater, degas and get rid of particulate harmful particles much more effectively.

The actual recycling procedure of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine enhances essential oil quality thoroughly and the dielectric value of remade oil is actually above 60KV.

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snow blowers for skid steer loaders

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Waste Lubricating Oil Purifier

The VLF Waste Lubricating Oil Purifier provides proprietors, operators as well as crews having a simple, economical and effective method for sustaining LO high quality, meeting industrial lube essential oil cleanliness specifications.


The actual VLF Lube oil Purifier is really a reputed remedy for keeping LO top quality. The cleaner is set up off-line, much like for example the centrifuge, other than all facets of installing, working and preserving are much more standard. The Lubricating Oil Purifier can be attached to both 4- and two stroke motors. Our trustworthiness and traditions goes back a lot more than 6 years, but the theory of procedure remains exactly the same, except the actual fitted pump motor now offers clean necessary oil 24/7/365. In addition, with the brand new line-up and also selection of inserts we can cope with higher moves, better sanitation, with reduced consumption of filtration system inserts and may therefore become fitted upon bigger machines than before.

· Reduced LO consumption

· Easy operation/maintenance

· Energy saving because of no heating system requirements

· No sludge

· Easy installation

· Flexible design

· Proven track record

· Small footprint

· Density independent

· High dirt capability

· Reduced put on on components

· Lower emissions

VLF Lube Oil Purifier

Whether or not for re-fit or newbuilding, the VLF Lube Oil Purifier will have gained itself inside the first yr of operations, compared to some other means of cleansing the lubrication oil.

In case installed on newbuildings, the cost savings on associated installation expenses compared to additional means of cleanup the lubricant oil is actually substantial. The particular VLF Lubricating Oil Purifier will be uncomplicated to keep, so boat crew is not going to benefit from functioning the unit with little maintenance, additionally the ship owner will certainly experience decreased operational fees for retaining lube olive oil clean along with dry.

The VLF Waste Lube Oil Purifier can provide 500-18000 l/h of clean, dried out lube acrylic, enabling functioning on substantial engines. Having a filtration ranking of 3/0, 8 micron and associated with water in addition to varnish/soot, the particular Oil Filtration System Inserts slow up the wear in engine elements. The simple style means ease of maintenance and easy operation without having sludge creation. Being an off-line solution, the caliber of lube crude oil is unequaled.

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Skid Loader Outdoor Angle Sweeper Broom

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DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine

The primary objective would be to increase dependability of wind generator transformers as well as extend their own service life. Wind generator transformers tend to be step-up transformers converting attention for the power company. They are placed within the system or close to the tower foundation.

Recently the Acore DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine had been commissioned Austria, servicing any wind turbine transformers. This type of devices are designed for eliminating dissolved gas, free and also dissolved drinking water and strong particles through insulating natural oils, and also with regard to heating along with pumping essential oil to in addition to from necessary oil filled transformers and other electric equipment. The key to the high end of the DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine would be the activators which facilitate immediate evaporation associated with gases plus water coming from oil.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Together with high stability, the unit features a compact style and higher mobility. This allows fast servicing regarding wind turbine transformers even in remote control locations.

The actual DVTP Transformer Oil Filter Machine can be obtained with a broad variety of features:

· additional vacuum program for passing of transformers;

· additional two-stage refrigeration method to increase effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner system;

· moisture sensors in the inlet and even outlet penis pumps;

· remote manage and checking of the device;

· heat protected container;

· metal container;

· operator room;

· explosion-proof design;

· wheels;

· installation upon trailer or even semi-trailer.

Acore Transformer Oil Filter Machine regarding maintenance of wind mill transformers: Improves trustworthiness of alternative power production

· Extends service life involving transformers

· Saves money in purchases connected with insulating acrylic.

Waste Hydraulic Oil Filtration System

Hydraulic Oil Filtration System mainly remove solid impurities oil, water and improve the performance of machinery and equipment. By pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation – pressure filtration to remove solid impurities are not pure oil and water filtration units. Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is mainly used to improve the purity of hydraulic lube oils.

According to structure, Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine has normal type, vacuum type, , regeneration type, centrifugal type and portable type.

Normal Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine type includes pre-filter, pump and filter sets. Pre-filter is a cylindrical metal mesh, not pure oil to prevent larger solid particles from entering the pump. Gear pump usually pumps, conveying not pure oil into the filter device. This hydraulic oil flushing machine only remove solid impurities and a small amount of water , which is suitable for general hydraulic lubricating oil. When the oil contains too much water and impurities, it should use vacuum hydraulic oil flushing machine.

VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Hydraulic Oil Filtration System includes pre-filter, vacuum evaporation tank, oil pump, fine filter, condenser and vacuum pump and other components, impure oil at atmospheric pressure, the pre-filter into the vacuum evaporation tank. After the oil is heated to above 100 ℃ injected into the vacuum chamber, it becomes tiny droplets. Oil in the water quickly evaporated into water vapor condensed into the condenser discharge, non-condensed water vapor by the vacuum pump discharge to the atmosphere. Collected in the bottom of the vacuum evaporation cans, has evaporated dehydrated oil is fed to the filter device pump, solids in the filtered oil to further absorb trace water. Vacuum oil can significantly increase the effect of the removal of oil in the water, suitable for high-voltage electrical oil purification.