DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine

The primary objective would be to increase dependability of wind generator transformers as well as extend their own service life. Wind generator transformers tend to be step-up transformers converting attention for the power company. They are placed within the system or close to the tower foundation.

Recently the Acore DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine had been commissioned Austria, servicing any wind turbine transformers. This type of devices are designed for eliminating dissolved gas, free and also dissolved drinking water and strong particles through insulating natural oils, and also with regard to heating along with pumping essential oil to in addition to from necessary oil filled transformers and other electric equipment. The key to the high end of the DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine would be the activators which facilitate immediate evaporation associated with gases plus water coming from oil.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Together with high stability, the unit features a compact style and higher mobility. This allows fast servicing regarding wind turbine transformers even in remote control locations.

The actual DVTP Transformer Oil Filter Machine can be obtained with a broad variety of features:

· additional vacuum program for passing of transformers;

· additional two-stage refrigeration method to increase effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner system;

· moisture sensors in the inlet and even outlet penis pumps;

· remote manage and checking of the device;

· heat protected container;

· metal container;

· operator room;

· explosion-proof design;

· wheels;

· installation upon trailer or even semi-trailer.

Acore Transformer Oil Filter Machine regarding maintenance of wind mill transformers: Improves trustworthiness of alternative power production

· Extends service life involving transformers

· Saves money in purchases connected with insulating acrylic.


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