Coalescer Oil & Fuel Separator Filtration System – ACORE Oil Purifier

In order to completely solve water problem of fuel, lube oil, turbine oil, hydraulic fluid etc, ACORE developed Coalescer Oil and Fuel Filtration System with advanced “coalescing and separation” dehydration technology. It combines the functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration to efficiently remove particulate contamination, emulsified water, dissolved water and free water in the oil, and achieves NAS4-6 grade filtration accuracy, achieving continuous operation and unattended operation.

There are two sets of different function filter elements inside the Coalescer Oil Separator – coalescing filter element and separation filter element. When the oil flows through the coalescence separator, it undergoes four stages of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation in the interior, and the function of filtering out particulate dirt and removing water is realized.

CSF Coalescer Fuel and Oil Filtration System

The oil flows from the inside to the outside first through the coalescing filter element. The coalescing filter element is suitably combined with special glass fiber and other synthetic materials and is specially formulated for turbine oil with good hydrophilicity. The coalescing filter has the dual function of filtering particulate contaminants and agglomerating moisture. The innermost high-precision filter material first removes particulate contaminants from the oil; the outer demulsification coalescing layer coalesces the tiny droplets of the oil into water droplets. Larger droplets of water will rely on their own gravity to sink into the collection tank. Smaller droplets of sediment will not be settled and will flow to the separation filter element. The separation filter element is made of a specially treated stainless steel mesh and has a good hydrophobicity. When the oil flows from the outside to the inside through the separation filter element, the small water droplet is effectively intercepted outside the filter element, allowing only the oil to pass through. The water passes through to further separate the water.

The oil is first filtered out of the oil in the initial filter and then into the Coalescer Oil Filtration System. In the coalescence separator, the oil passes through four processes of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation to achieve the function of removing water, and finally output purified oil. The water settled in the sump is removed by a drain valve on the sump. At the same time, according to the oil conditions, the oil can be directly filtered through the filter to remove the particulate contaminants in the oil, and the purified oil can be output.


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Grass Cutter Attachments For Skid Steer Loader

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Types of waste collection vehicle

Garbage truck or dustcart refers to a truck specially designed to collect municipal solid waste and haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility such as a landfill. As a professional garbage compactor truck supplier,we will introduction two different type garbage compactor truck for you.

14.5 m3 rear load container serviced in Copenhagen

Rear loaders garbage truck

Rear loaders have an opening at the rear that a waste collector can throw waste bags or empty the contents of bins into. Often in many areas they have a lifting mechanism to automatically empty large carts without the operator having to lift the waste by hand.

Another popular system for the rear loader is a rear load container specially built to fit a groove in the truck. The truck will have a chain or cable system for upending the container. The waste will then slide into the hopper of the truck.

The modern rear loader usually compacts the waste using a hydraulically powered mechanism that employs a moving plate or shovel to scoop the waste out from the loading hopper and compress it against a moving wall. In most compactor designs, the plate has a pointed edge (hence giving it the industry standard name packer blade) which is designed to apply point pressure to the waste to break down bulky items in the hopper before being drawn into the main body of the truck.

Side loaders garbage truck

Side loaders are loaded from the side, either manually, or with the assistance of a joystick-controlled robotic arm with a claw, used to automatically lift and tip wheeled bins into the truck’s hopper. Lift-equipped trucks are referred to as automated side loaders, or ASL’s. Similar to a front-end loader, the waste is compacted by an oscillating packer plate at the front of the loading hopper which forces the waste through an aperture into the main body and is therefore compacted towards the rear of the truck. An Automated Side Loader only needs one operator, where a traditional rear load garbage truck may require two or three people, and has the additional advantage of reducing on the job injuries due to repetitive heavy lifting. Due to these advantages, ASL’s have become more popular than traditional manual collection. Typically an Automated Side Loader uses standardized wheeled carts compatible with the truck’s automated lift.

As with front loaders, the compaction mechanism comprises a metal pusher plate in the collection hopper which oscillates backwards and forwards under hydraulic pressure, pushing the refuse through an aperture, thus compacting it against the material already loaded. On some ASL’s there is also a “folding” crusher plate positioned above the opening in the hopper, that folds down to crush bulky items within reach of the metal pusher plate. Another compactor design is the “paddle packer” which uses a paddle that rotates from side to side, forcing refuse into the body of the truck.

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