Air Curtains Uses And Advantages

Air curtains are used in different industries, its role is to continuously send out warm or cold air. Use it not only to maintain a specific temperature, and also keep away air pollutants and insects such as mosquitoes and bugs. Air curtain is very wide range of uses, including the construction industry.

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Some like the heated air curtains do emit heated air, while conventional ones mostly use cool air. A heated air curtain is placed on entrance of industrial places to help minimize wintry effect particularly in cold countries. It is responsible for providing a comfortable environment to you, your employees and customers by offering pleasant warmth. The standard industrial air curtains are robust and also durable units which offer consistent performance all through. The different air speeds make it possible for one to control all forms of environments and to protect against dust, flying insects, fumes as well as other repulsive outdoor elements. The self contained one piece metal-housing is corrosion-proof and fire retardant. The air direction vanes are adjustable to repel flying insects, fumes, odors and dust more effectively.


There are several advantages of using the industrial curtains since they save on energy. One advantage of using industrial air curtain units is that they reduce energy costs by about 20 to 30%. They also make the environment hygienic by means of preventing insects, dust and other pollutants which is useful especially in food handling industries. By maintaining the indoor temperature at required level, they improve the working conditions. All heating options such as electric, gas and steam are available depending on the heating source of your building. It is capable of stopping wind at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Most units deliver temperature control efficiency of about 80 to 90%. An air curtain is easy to install and maintain.

Furthermore, they are easy and quick to control in terms of both force and flow. In addition, they are rugged in order to cater to all the heavy duty curtain needs. They are also compact and portable and so they can be easily installed anywhere. These days, they are also found in pharmaceutical units, hospitals and operation theaters. Its functionality enables you to achieve a balanced temperature, greater hygienic and sanitation level, less air condition energy loss and also complete prevention from all forms of pollution

Industrial curtains are ideal for various industrial uses including industrial plants, warehouses, hospitals, municipal buildings, police stations, transportation terminals and fire stations. They could also be used in freezer/cooler doors, service doors, shipping/receiving areas as well as industrial entry points.

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