The Benefits Of Hermetic Compressor

Compressor in the refrigerant or vapor-compression refrigeration system plays a very important role. It is able to keep the evaporator low pressure and low temperature. It is similar to a small motor and produces compression over its stroke when operated. Compressors, what Benefits of Compressors? Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. as a best Daikin compressor exporters will tell you!

Mastushita Rotary Compressor

There are different types of cooling compressors that include hermetic compressors and water cooler compressor. The piston compresses what is in the bore of the compressor when it moves up and down and forces refrigerant through. The electric motor component in the compressor powers the piston and crankshaft which compresses the refrigerant. Each compressor has a cylinder head with a set of valves. The intake valves allow refrigerant to enter the cylinder. On the other hand, the exhaust valves release the refrigerant from the cylinder under pressure. The valves used are very thin reed valves that are easily set in motion by the pressure of the refrigerant which passes through the system and expands and cools. The process of expansion and cooling is induced by the laws of thermodynamics where when the liquid transforms into vapor, it absorbs heat.

An integral part of the electrical system in fridge compressors is a capacitor, which is like a small battery that stores electrical charge. It provides the extra boost when the compressor starts up to compress the refrigerant. Some refrigerators have dual compressors that are independent from the refrigerator and freezer component. Refrigeration compressors are the core of industrial and air conditioning systems and are designed to turn low pressure gases into high-pressure and temperature gases. It also helps maintain a low boiling point by removing vapor from the evaporator.

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