Air Curtain – A Brief Product Description

Air curtain is widely used in a variety of industries and commerce, it is able to produce high-velocity stream of air for cooling, drying, and against closing the application category. Air curtain has been in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, theatres, factories, corporate companies, retail shops and so on are used.

Air Curtains XMK1215 (Wall Mounted Supermarket Cross Flow)

Uses of this device have been widely accepted and largely acknowledged across various industrial sectors. It is the best and the most innovative tool available in the market for food products drying, can and bottle drying, belt cleaning, pre-paint blow off, web cleaning or drying, component or part cooling, tote and crate drying, and environmental separation.

Air curtains are available in both stainless steel and Aluminum material. The device that is made using stainless steel material stands committed to offer proven reliability and durability against the daily rigors and harsh conditions of industrial environments. Stainless steel, being one of the strongest materials offers durable performance in high-impact and high-traffic areas that are prone to corrosion.

The device is an excellent and effective alternative to expensive air conditioning systems. Also it is easy to install and maintain as compared to other similar air conditioning products available in the market. It is best suitable for preventing the entering of local insects, dust, smoke, pollen and also for improving and maintaining the internal climate to the most comfort level.

Air curtain features:

€¬ Quick and easy control of force and flow

€¬ Reduced air consumption

€¬ No moving parts; hence offers long years of uninterrupted service with minimum maintenance

€¬ Up to 40:1 air amplification ratio

€¬ Rugged, compact and easy to install

€¬ Unlimited system lengths

€¬ Stocked air curtain

€¬ Extremely low operating noise levels

The increasing popularity and demand for the product have made many manufacturers to focus in the large scale production and selling of this electrically powered air blower system. Today, there are a several number of manufacturers available in the market that sell air curtain for blow-off, cooling, drying, dust containment, part cleaning and air-based conveying applications. Do you also want to buy best air curtain,Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is probably your best choice. In addition Air Curtain, we will also provide you with cheap condensing unit,high quality Daikin compressor and air conditioner spare parts etc. Welcome to buy!