12-Volt Air Compressors – Their Variety Of Uses Around The Home

High pressure air compressors is typically used for a variety of heavy industries, but there are lots of 12 volt air compressors can be used at home. As a professional condensing unit manufacturer today will tell you 12 volt air compressors for use with the types of air compressor available.

Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor for Air-cooled Condensing unit 4H-15.2

Air compressors are found in many situations from small petrol stations to huge manufacturing plants and factories. Smaller air compressors are finding their way into the home for domestic use in garages, workshops and as tyre inflation devices for trucks and cars. 12-volt air compressors operate in very much the same way in their larger industrial heavy-duty counterparts, just in a much smaller casing!

A lightweight single-cylinder compressor has many similar features when compared to the large-sized units. The pressure switch controls the maximum tank pressure while the regulator valve sets the pressure to the air hose. The valves are thin metal flaps that open and close with fluctuations in air pressure and the cooling fins disperse the heat that is produced by the air compression created by the movement of the single-cylinder. The main benefit of air power when used to power tools such as pumps is that each individual tool does not require its own bulky motor. The single motor on the compressor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy through compression. This results in the availability of a variety of lightweight, compact, easy-to-handle tools that run with the minimum of noise and have fewer moving parts to wear out.

The latest 12-volt air compressors are used for a variety of applications from relatively heavy use to occasional use around the home. 4×4 truck enthusiasts use the more heavy-duty 12-volt compressors to vary the inflation pressure on their vehicle tyres depending on the nature of the off-road terrain. These units are small and compact and can be connected to the vehicle cigarette lighter socket for quick and easy use. The less expensive compressor units for more occasional use around the home are designed in compact, high-impact plastic casing. They are available as multi-function devices with integral flash light/torch beams and a pressure gauge. These compressors are commonly used for inflating car and bike tyres, dinghies and sports equipment and are powered by the cigarette lighter socket in the car. 12-volt air compressors can also be used around the home to power nail and staple guns, spray guns and a wide variety of other tools.

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