Different Types Of Compressor-You Should Know

Compressor refrigeration system is any need. It’s the heart of the condensate, which is widely used in food refrigerator and industry and manufacturing, that in the food industry are used for a host of purposes from keeping dairy products chilled to fruits and fish fresh. In manufacturing, refrigeration is essential for several processes such as liquefying gases. They are also used in high tech cooling equipment in chemical plants and oil refineries. As a professional Compressor supplier, we will tell you different types of compressor.

Types of Fridge Compressors

Refrigerator compressors are usually larger units at the core of industrial and air conditioning systems. They are designed to convert low pressure gases into high pressure and temperature gases and maintain a low boiling point. This is achieved by extracting vapor from the evaporator. Some of the other types of fridge compressors include screw compressors that pass refrigerant gas through screw spindles that compress the gas. Scroll compressors are more efficient since they achieve a lower leakage rate, which is why they are more common in the market. Piston or reciprocating compressors are used for commercial and heavy industrial purposes, and have the capacity to achieve high pressure levels.

Hermetic Compressors

Compressors are described as being open, semi-hermetic or hermetic. This indicates how the compressor and motor are situated in relation to the refrigerant being compresses. Hermetic compressors are among the most energy efficient compressors where the motor and compressor are fitted in the same unit. The refrigerant inlet and power outlet have welded connections to prevent leakage. In these refrigerator compressors heat is not dissipated to the surrounding air, making them more energy efficient. This is possible due to the cold suction gas being made to flow over the motor to keep it cool. One of the major advantages of hermetic compressors is that they have the ability to perform within a narrow range of temperature. They are used in domestic refrigerators, water coolers and air conditioners where customer convenience takes precedence over efficiency. These compressors produce the least amount of vibration and are among the most efficient and reliable units used today.

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