How to move a prized tree

With climate change, trees were in trouble, pests and diseases. Thankfully, if we pay more attention to trees, they will safety. Moving a tree is backbreaking work and can take hours, and cutting down a tree and removing the stump is also difficult work.

How to move the tree?

There are two basic methods. The rootball can be dug by hand or excavated with a serious piece of equipment called a hydraulic tree spade.

tree spade tree spade tree spade


Generally speaking, HCN tree spade attachments are used for larger trees. Of course, If the conditions are special, it must be dug by hand.

skid steer tree spade

What care does a transplant need before moving?

First, the soil around the tree should be deeply soaked to hydrate the tree and to make digging easier.

The best transplant insurance is a technique called root pruning. Several weeks or, preferably, months before the move, make an encircling slice through the soil and the roots — drive the spade as deeply as it will go at the correct distance from the trunk. Then leave it. In time, the severed roots will grow a tight mass of new feeder roots that will lessen the stress of the eventual move.