Kitchen Waste Self-discharging Garbage Truck

SLA5160TCADF Kitchen Waste Self-discharging Garbage Truck made by Hubei Space Shuanglong Special Purpose Vehicle Co.,ltd. with the capacity of 8cubic.  is mainly used for collecting and transporting trash from hotel, canteen etc. The birth of Kitchen Waste Self-discharging Garbage Truck improve the work environment and reduce the work strength of workers. At the same time ,secondary pollution in transit has been prevented and the image of city has been improved. The vehicle adopted Dongfeng Tianjin second class chassis .It achieved oil-water separation of food residue and waste volume reduction by side drumming and pushing and compressing with sealed structure. It is with large capacity, high efficiency, high degree of automation added with beautiful appearance, good tension , easy to operate and control. Its combination property  reached the advanced level of domestic same products.

Kitchen Waste Self-discharging Garbage Truck

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