What Is Different Of Hermetic Compressors And Semi-Hermetic Compressors ?

Has an understanding of the compressor may be know it has Hermetic compressors and Semi-hermetic compressors two types, and that these two types of compressors What difference does it make? Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional compressors manufacturer will tell you!

Bitzer Semi hermetic Refrigeration Compressor

Hermetic compressors are completely sealed, immune to outside interference or influence. Semi-hermetic compressors, on the other hand, are partially sealed, user serviceable units that can be rebuilt. These compressors can be used outdoor with efficacy unlike the hermetic units which are meant for indoor use. For procuring compressors, you need to settle on the supplier who have a track record of fast turnaround time and quality units.

Hermetic compressors are completely sealed, impervious to outside interference or influence. Typically known as €tin cans, these have no user serviceable parts inside. Once the compressor fails, there is little option other than to replace it. These compressors are meant for indoor use and do not fare well in major temperature swings.

Semi-hermetic compressors are partially sealed unit which are user serviceable and can be rebuilt. Usually it is valve plates that wear out or else break. These can be used indoor or outdoor with efficacy and are the best option for extremes.

There are open compressors as well driven by an external source. These compressors utilize some sort of sheave and belt / chain combo to turn. Such compressors are usually found on very large units where the cost of the individual parts is relatively low as compared to the cost of the entire system.

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