Filtering Elements Structure of Oil Filtration Machine – Acore Oil Purifier

The filtering elements of oil filtration machine is mainly used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid. The principle is the use of porous media to remove contaminants from the fluid to bring the fluid to the desired cleanliness level. Filter elements are considered to be a simple mesh or sieve, filtered or separated the filter walls are of a certain thickness that means that the filter material has a depth, in the form of curved channels to play a supporting role in the removal of pollutants.

6000L/H High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

The filter element Of Oil Filtration Machine is a device that removes a small amount of solid particles from the liquid. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size of the filter, the impurities are blocked and the clean filtrate is filtered by the filter. It is indispensable for the purification process of the fluid disposal means, mainly used to remove particles or other suspended matter in the fluid. The filter is to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid discharge when the need for cleaning, unscrew the bottom of the branch pipe plug, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, remove the filter cartridge, after handling can be reloaded.

It is well known that the core of filtering elements is a membrane, which is a thin film filled with tiny pores on the micro-porous support layer. There are many materials of oil filter elements making, divided into organic film and inorganic film filter filtration accuracy is relatively high, particle size control is relatively stable, and backwash easy to restore performance. Therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

Oil Filtration Mechanism and Influencing Factors:

Such as interception, screening and appearance capture; the other is the adsorption, filtration mechanism of the filter mechanism of fluid there are two. One is based on the size of the particles to separate. That is, the particles adhere to the filter under chemical / charge. This requires the pharmaceutical companies according to their actual needs to choose a different filter membrane.

Fluid viscosity and chemical / ionic composition affect the filter characteristics. E.g. The greater the viscosity of the fluid in the same pressure conditions, the slower the flow rate, fluid and membrane have more contact between the filter effect is better; and then, fluid and membrane mixing / contact time on the filter effect also has a greater impact, The longer the contact time, the better the filtering effect. In addition, the characteristics of the fluid to be noted only affect the adsorption of the fluid on the membrane without affecting the particle size of the removal of operating conditions related to the actual operating conditions, such as particle flow rate and filtration pressure.

To get a good filter effect, generally choose a lower flow rate, the better the effect of interception. Practice has shown that the movement of the membrane is beneficial to the oil filtration. Once the structure of the membrane has changed during the filtration process, the particles and fibers can be precipitated from the deep filtration, affecting the filtration effect. However, the velocity / differential pressure only has an important effect on the adsorption and retention, and the effect of the size of the particle size is similar to that of the filtration effect. The particles are divided into two types: deformable and non-deformable. Under certain pressure, the deformable particles will enter the filter membrane and cause more filter holes to clog, thus affecting the filtration effect, such as gel filtration. However, when the immiscible particles are filtered, a layer of cake-like material is formed on the filter membrane. The type of the membrane is related to the type of membrane, and the pore size and structure of the different membrane are different. Some films are rigid structure is movable. The pre-filter membrane does not have a uniform national standard. The different manufacturers have their own definitions and methods. Therefore, the selection and replacement of the business requires a high degree of attention. The same is 0.22μm pre-filtration membrane. The filtering effect of Oil Filtration machine will be very different.


DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine

The primary objective would be to increase dependability of wind generator transformers as well as extend their own service life. Wind generator transformers tend to be step-up transformers converting attention for the power company. They are placed within the system or close to the tower foundation.

Recently the Acore DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine had been commissioned Austria, servicing any wind turbine transformers. This type of devices are designed for eliminating dissolved gas, free and also dissolved drinking water and strong particles through insulating natural oils, and also with regard to heating along with pumping essential oil to in addition to from necessary oil filled transformers and other electric equipment. The key to the high end of the DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine would be the activators which facilitate immediate evaporation associated with gases plus water coming from oil.

DVTP Double Stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Together with high stability, the unit features a compact style and higher mobility. This allows fast servicing regarding wind turbine transformers even in remote control locations.

The actual DVTP Transformer Oil Filter Machine can be obtained with a broad variety of features:

· additional vacuum program for passing of transformers;

· additional two-stage refrigeration method to increase effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner system;

· moisture sensors in the inlet and even outlet penis pumps;

· remote manage and checking of the device;

· heat protected container;

· metal container;

· operator room;

· explosion-proof design;

· wheels;

· installation upon trailer or even semi-trailer.

Acore Transformer Oil Filter Machine regarding maintenance of wind mill transformers: Improves trustworthiness of alternative power production

· Extends service life involving transformers

· Saves money in purchases connected with insulating acrylic.